Falling Leaves and Other Autumn Health Hazards

Posted in: Blog, Health Tips by chirocare on October 5, 2010

Muscle aches and back pains happen when we over use unprepared bodies – so don‘t go crazy with the raking. Don’t overload the bags of leaves and don’t bend at the waist when lifting. 

For a little while longer walking outdoors can still be nice. Remember, with colder days you need a few extra minutes to warm up. 

This time of year, apples are at their best and are low cal, high fiber, zero cholesterol and have mucho nutrients. Nuts are not only good for you, but they fit the fall color scheme. Pecans are at the top the healthy nut list.  

Skin and lungs hate dry and it’s gonna get drier everywhere. Central heat robs moisture. Lungs work better and skin looks younger with good hydration. So drink up.    

Wear a hat and gloves when you go outside. The hat keeps warmth from escaping through the top of your head—a major source of body heat loss.

Outdoor molds fall in gutters, soil, rotting wood and fallen leaves. If you do yard work clean up good afterwards. 

If everyone around you is healthy wash your hands lots. If everyone’s sniffling, wash ‘em more (20 seconds, or one verse of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star).

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