Fitness Goals for 2012

Posted in: Blog, Fitness, Health Tips by chirocare on January 6, 2012

Many of you who have met me have probably heard me talk about the races that I have completed.  But don’t let me fool you into thinking that I have always been a runner.  I have not!  I will be the first to tell you that I am not a natural runner, but I have learned to be one.  So let me tell you a little bit about my personal running evolution.  Remember the physical fitness assessment in grade school and high school?  I always did great on the tests in all aspects, except running.  I actually vomited a couple of times from trying to run just the first half mile of the one-mile assessment.  So I thought that I was just not made for running.

In undergrad, I gained the “freshman 15” and then some, so by my junior year I started working on getting healthier.  I changed my diet and began walking regularly.  Walking got boring and too easy, so I started incorporating some running intervals into my running.  Before I knew it, I was able to run 2 miles without walking.  That first 2 mile run was a HUGE accomplishment for me, and I felt like I could climb a mountain!  I continued learning about nutrition and continued working out, but it wasn’t until 2008 when I was approaching graduating from chiropractic school that I decided to take things to the next level.  A classmate of mine talked me into signing up for a triathlon, and I registered myself for a half marathon.  A HALF MARATHON!!  What was I thinking?  But it was a goal that I set for myself, just to see if I could do it.  Since then I have completed 4 half marathons, an 8-hour adventure race, and a sprint triathlon along with numerous 5 and 10Ks.  I even completed a 10K, a half marathon, and a sprint triathlon while pregnant (yes my doctor ok’d these)! In the last 10 months since my daughter was born, I have ran two 5K races, one half marathon, and raced in the Urban Assault Ride.

This year, I plan to improve on my half marathon times in the April GO! St. Louis race and then one later in the year as well.  I also plan to improve on my Urban Assault Ride time.  So, if you see me running down Olive Blvd or biking at Creve Coeur park, give me a high five!  If you see me limping in the office, chalk it up to my training.  Thankfully I have Dr. Gina, MollieShae, and Joy here to help me combat any injuries I face along the way this year!

I have worked with track, cross country, triathlon and marathon athletes for a few years now.  My previous experience with patients and my personal experience as a runner allow me to confidently answer questions you have about running, biking, training for races,how to find good coaches and personal trainers, and injuries associated with these activities.  All you have to do is THINK that you CAN transform yourself into a runner, and half the battle is won.

Happy 2012!

Dr. Spath